Optical Transceiver

2RU Fiber Optical Chassis for 288 Core High Density

The 2RU 288 cores fibra optica ODF help to organize a group of fiber bundles and connect them in a conventional way by using adapters. Get the most out of your network with our Fiber Optic Patch Panel. It allows for easy access to connections, allowing for easy and convenient installation.This product is also compatible with all frame sizes,ensuring a clean network appearance. The fiber optic patch panel is widely used in various network environments to protect and optimize the use of optical fibers, such as FTTH/FTTO and CATV, etc. It connects the two ends of a fiber cable.


  • WDM Systems
  • Metro Networks
  • Local Area Networks(LAN)
Ordering Information:
Y CHD - Chassis unit - Chassis Type - Connector-front panel - Fiber
- Outdoor Optical Fibre Cable Length
Y CHD=Chassis High Density   1U=1 Unit Chassis   N=normal type   QLCA=Quad LC/APC   12=12 Fiber   1M=1meter
      2U=2 Unit Chassis   S=Slide type       24=24 Fiber   2M=2meter
      3U=3 Unit Chassis           48=48 Fiber   3M=3meter
                  72=72 Fiber   4M=4meter
                  96=96 Fiber   ......
                  144=144 Fiber   xxM=xxmeter
                  288=288 Fiber